Car Services

To keep your car  running efficiently and at peak performance regular car servicing is required.  The higher performance your car the more you will notice just how essential  regular maintenance is. Long term you will increase the life of your car too.

At GT Autos we are not just a regular garage that wants to get your car in and out of service as quick as possible, we have a passion for cars and no exactly what is required to look after them.

What cars do we service?

We service all makes and models of cars no matter how new or  old or even how suped up or basic. We do offer different types and levels of services so please get in touch using our form below to find out what service will suit your car best.

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“I use Ultimate Car Care for all work on my BMW and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them and have done on many occasions.”




“The lads are always happy to help out and must think I’m a pain phoning up for advice all the time but they never complain!

On my third BMW now and always a great service from them.”