Diesel Particulate Filter Removal

  • Are you having problems with your Diesel Particulate Filter?
  • Are you facing some very expensive repairs?
  • Are you sick of the extremely poor MPG your vehicle returns whilst the DPF is regenerating?
  • Do you want to remove the troublesome DPF from your vehicle altogether?

If the answer to at least one of the above questions is yes, then we can alter the software in your ECU so that your DPF can be safely and properly removed from the vehicle without logging any error codes. We do this process properly and stop the ECU trying to regenerate in the future.

How our DPF removal works

 On arrival we perform a full diagnostics of your vehicle ensuring the problem is your DPF system.

 The DPF unit is removed from your exhaust system, this procedure is carried out carefully by our trained technicians.

 Then the reprogramming of the ECU, this is usually carried out through the OBD port or ECU IS removed and done on our bench, so no fault lights occur relating to the dpf. In total this process takes 4-5hours.

Unlike many other garages our genuine DPF removal software stops your ECU looking for the DPF, so we don’t need to mask any error codes

What are the benefits of DPF removal?

There are many benefits of DPF removal from your vehicle, including more horse power, quicker throttle response and lower fuel consumption. It also creates peace of mind having eliminated the high cost of replacing the unit when its life has expired, not to mention the problems and other repair costs keeping a D.P.F. on a vehicle can bring.

  • DIAG & TESTING £40
  • DPF REMOVEL £295
  • TWIN DPF REMOVEL £450 eg audi Q7 ect
  • All our DPF removal software comes with a lifetime guarantee

With years in the motor trade chip tunning industry rest assured, we are the experts.

Please call for any advice or booking we are 2 min away from meadowhall, you can shop while we fix your car!  08001455870


AdBlue is the branding name of AUS32 (Aqueous Urea Solution 32.5%), which is regulated through the iso22241  quality standard.. AdBlue is used in combination with SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) system to reduce emissions in Diesel vehicles.   Using AdBlue with a  SCR system also has the side  effect   of making the car use more fuel than it has to.

AdBlue Removal

As side from the obvious reason for having AdBlue removed, improve fuel efficiency, there are also other reasons. Another  huge disadvantage is that you constantly have to have a  supply of AdBlue to ensure that your tank always has the right levels in. If you run your car without enough AdBlue in you will damage your SCR beyond repair, which is an extremely expensive mistake to make.

Our AdBlue removal services safely by-passes the  AdBlue system and emulates it without having to actually have AdBlue in your system. This method also increases  the fuel efficiency of your car and saves you huge amounts of money each year.

EGR Removal

Another feature to reduce emissions in your car is the  EGR Valve. This also hinders fuel efficiency and slows your car down. The EGR valve through its working process can get blocked with carbon deposits, which then  gives your car problems. These problems include increase fuel efficiency, reduced throttle response,  loss of car power and in some cases sending your car into limp mode.

EGR Delete ( removal) will fix  all of these problems and leave your car running perfectly without the need to worry about the EGR valve again.


DPF removal

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“Perfect remap running like a dream, always go and see Woz as he's the man”




“Took my 2008 audi A4 in for DPF removal and ECU remap - 200+BHP and no more DPF warnings. Couldn't recommend them highly enough!!!”

Carl Wilson