ECU Bricked Repair

**Warning ECU chip tuning should only be done by an experience reliable company***

A lot of our customer s wish they had  seen this warning before buying a  flasher tool of the internet or going to their mates start up car chip tuning business for a "good deal"!!!

More often than not both these scenarios end up with your car having the same 0-60 as the stones that make up the drive it will permanently be sat on if not done right. Thats right ECU chip tuning gone wrong will STOP you car from moving anywhere.  The fix is not a simple re flash either so "your mate Dave" with his 3 month old business will not be able to help you unfortunately.

How to fix a  bricked ECU

Firstly there is no need to buy a new ECU , this is probably the first bit of good news you  have heard in a while. Secondly get in touch with us ASAP and we will organise everything required to  get your car moving faster and more efficiently than ever a fraction of the cost of a new ECU!

How the bricked ECU repair process works

If your ECU is bricked then  it has more than likely blocked all communication with the OBD port. This is because the ECU software is totally corrupt and a re-flash will do nothing to help the situation.

GT Autos have years of training and  invested  huge sums of money in the latest technology so we can help with any near fatal issues like a Bricked ECU. Therefore we have the right knowledge and tools to get your ECU back working without any issues at all.

Don't despair we can have your car moving and ECU repaired in no time! 

Bricked ECU Repairs

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On my third BMW now and always a great service from them.”