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GT Autos offers a full ECU remapping service for all vehicles no matter whether your requirement is speed or efficiency. The types of vehicles we have experience of doing remappings with includes cars, vans, motorbikes, tractors, trucks, HGV's and even jet ski's! Get in touch with us to find out exactly how we can help you and what improvements your vehicle would gain.

Why is ECU remapping required?

You may be thinking I've just bought this brand new car why do I need to get it's ECU chipped? The reason is general down to emissions legislations and targets manufacturers have to attain. The good news is with the right equipment and knowledge more power, improved throttle performance, removed flat spots and high torque in lower RPM can all be achieved. If efficiency is what you require we can also provide improvements in this area too.

We are highly experienced in the ECU remapping field so will discus your requirements with you and get the perfect chip tuning for to match your vehicle to your desire.

Why should I not do ECU flashing myself?

There is a reason why we spent huge sums of money on training and equipment to stay ahead of the ECU game and that is because results speak for themselves. Another reason we do this is because one mistake and the ECU is all but ruined. We often get customers coming to us with their car no longer able to move after they have tried a DIY ECU Remap or have taken their car to a non-specialist garage. Luckily for these customers we offer a ECU bricked repair service but it would have saved them a lot of time, heart ache and money if they just came to us first!

About our ECU  remap service

We custom remap every vehicle we work on. Beware some Remapping or chip tuning companies who are only able to offer a generic file originally made from another vehicle.

All our remaps will be tailored specifically for you and your vehicle. The Original VIN number will remain in the ECU and so will the ECU hardware and software numbers. We are specialists in ECU Remapping but can also offer other ECU related services such as Speed limiter removal and DPF Removal.

ECU remapping

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